Business owners are often concerned that outsourcing their warehousing processes to a third party will be diminishing in quality. The fear is that they are giving up control of a process that, if it does not satisfy customer expectations, could cost their business in lost revenues. In truth, outsourcing your warehouse needs is a great way to free up more resources to focus on your core competencies, while allowing an industry expert improve and automate all of your fulfillment and customer satisfaction processes. Here are some of the particular benefits of outsourcing your fulfillment operations.

You are in control

One of the biggest mental barriers that a budding outsourcer faces is loss of control if operations are moved externally. In truth, a professional warehousing operation will allow even greater control. For instance, during slow periods, your employees are sitting idle, consuming labor costs and drinking coffee on your dime. In a third party warehousing provider, labor can work on other contracts so that their time is fully utilized, and allowing you to achieve a better rate for your warehousing costs.

Another frequently cited example is when an accident happens in the warehouse. If you employ the labor, your only real course of action is to fire them. When you outsource, on the other hand, you can build penalty clauses and other protections into your contracts to ensure you are compensated for any infractions. That is not something you would be able to achieve with in-house operations.


  • Warehousing month to month with no contract.
  • Distribution Center.
  • Manipulation and related services
  • Foreign Trade Zone
  • Light manufacturing capacity.
  • Electronic US Customs forms.
  • Office spaces month to month (if available).
  • Cross Docking.
  • In-House Customs Broker and Transportation.
  • Real Time Inventories.
  • Quality Control Inspection and Related Services.
  • Refrigerated services.

Hundreds of Services

Warehouses vary greatly in terms of operation and design, each to serve a particular need or step in the manufacturing and selling process. Depending on your business model you can outsource every warehouse need from finished goods, to raw materials, to fulfillment and even returns. Fulfillment houses even provide automatic and optimized inventory management in order to help lower operational costs and provide you with the lowest price. Many providers even offer outsourcing of customer service operations. ​

Optimal expenses

The biggest benefit of contract warehousing is that it allows you to free up the ever-valuable resource of time, while reducing costs. A professional warehousing operation can achieve greater efficiencies than any in-house operation because that it is their sole business. They focus on their core competency, so that you can focus on yours. This means more time to grow your business, investigate new opportunities, or simply enjoy your life and spend more time with your family. Meanwhile, you know your customers are receiving the best service and fulfillment time possible.

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