Vector International is a leader in the area of international trade. We have been serving the binational community for many years. Our team is knowledgeable and professional. We are a 3PL which is a 3rd party logistics company, meaning we work as your outsourced warehouse and distribution center.

Fomenting Trade Between Nations

There are thousands of uses developed specially for FTZs,
​ Imagine not having to pay any duties for your merchandise up until the moment of sale. This is called Just in time deferral of duties. The working capital that is liberated from this type of advantage could give your company a pleasant surprise.
 Merchandise that is exported never pays duties. (or sold to some Government agencies).
 Defective merchandise can be destroyed without having to pay duties.
​ Simple inspections before an import is a smart idea.
 Light assembly and manufacturing is another great advantage, that could qualify your product as a NAFTA preferred.

 Labeling and other requirements for imports is possible as well.
​ There are also a longer stay permits for merchandise under an FTZ.

The best Distribution Center in SoCal

If your Company is looking to save and eliminate a large expense, you should look into outsourcing all of your inventory.
​ To have a professional company manage your supply and distribution will eliminate thousands of dollars month to month that will add directly to your bottom line.
​ We have been the distribution center for companies large and small.

Customers Are using

Distribution Center 90%
FTZ 60%
Inspections and/or Trans-loading 75%